Lace Wigs

The use of wigs has transformed over the years as women desired to have a more natural look. The wig industry obliged this request by introducing several different types of wigs into the market. Before long, these offerings took off among celebrity and non-celebrity clientele. Many women are familiar with the human hair wig and the synthetic wig. Both offer style and versatility, but the appearance is not always a natural look. The different types are lace front wigs, full lace wigs, full lace wigs and half wigs. Each brings their own unique style to fit any hair type of face, providing flawless looks. These wigs provide non-surgical hair replacement options throughout the world.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs have mesh lace that attached beyond the hairline for a custom fit. A lace front wig can also be trimmed or glued temporarily around the hairline, eliminating the line from where the lace starts or ends. You can also achieve natural looking parts in the hair. The technology has improved over time as people have used lace front wigs for many years.

The use of a lace front wig offers the closest representation of your real hair. Lace front wigs are made from top quality human hair, making it undetectable from a few inches away. Another advantage is the ability for a lace front wig to be worn for several weeks, minimizing your trips to the salon.

Full Lace Wigs

There are different shapes and sizes for lace wigs. The type of wig to select depends on your hair and the style you want to achieve. Full lace wigs are a woman’s best friend, and eliminates having a bad hair day. You can have a full lace wig that is custom or ready-made. These are the preferred option for most women because of the natural fit.

A bad fit is easily noticeable with a full lace wig. Lace wigs should complement, not discredit your face. Whether your face is oval, pear, square, round, oblong, or heart shaped, there is a front lace wig suitable to your individual looks. Comfortable and breathable are the best way to describe full lace wigs.

Half Wigs

Half wigs are the ideal option for women who want to add layers or a different look to their hair without changing it completely. A half wig is the winning combination for ease and beauty of a full wig and your natural hair. The increasing popularity of half wigs is keeping this product in high demand at salon studios.

You can also style your hair at home with a half wig. Your style is complete in a few easy steps. Part your hair from ear to ear, approximately two inches from your hairline. Insert the front comb along the part while sliding the back comb along the nape, tucking your hair underneath. Blend your hair over the half wig and keep people guessing.

Wig Cap

The gem to having a great hair style, whether you are using a lace front or full lace wig is for your natural hair to lay as flat as possible. Using a wig cap can help. A nude wig cap gives the illusion of scalp, for a more natural look regardless of how the wig is parted.

The versatility of lace wigs isn’t the only reason many women are in love with this look. Lace wigs are appropriate for any occasion, and can withstand diverse weather conditions.