Mullet Wigs

Most of us have heard of the mullet, a haircut that is short on the top, even shorter on the sides, and long in the back. Believe it or not, the mullet hairstyle has a history, going all the way back to the days of ancient warriors. They “rocked the mullet” to distinguish themselves from their enemies and to keep from being wounded or killed by friendly fire. Recent history acknowledges the mullet hairstyle as a fashion statement, starting in the 1960s and gaining mainstream popularity by the late 1980s. Musician David Bowie brought the mullet to a fashionable plateau, and movie stars such as Kurt Russell, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Helen Slater, Kiefer Sutherland, and many others made the mullet a must-have hairdo. More recently, David Spade wore the mullet wig while starring in the movie “Joe Dirt.” In 2003 a program entitled “The Mullets” hit the small screen, a satire based on the stereotypical behavior displayed by those who sported the hairstyle. The show lasted for only one season.

After that, the mullet seemed to have lost its flair for a while, but now it has returned and can be seen in pocketed areas of the United States, Canada, Spain, China, or anywhere else that calls for it. The mullet wig is also on the rise, and while gaining popularity, it is being used in a variety of ways.

Mullet wigs are now being implemented to cover the scalps of children who suffer from different types of cancer. Chemotherapy treatment causes cancer patients to lose their hair, which is when the mullet wigs come in handy. This is especially important for the many young ones afflicted by the disease, and they don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of being bald for months at a time. For years now, people have been getting their hair cut and donating it to facilities that manufacture wigs. Mullet wigs are being distributed to hospitals all over the world, and in turn, these children become the recipients of many different style mullet wigs. Children everywhere are grateful for their new heads of hair, and they can smile with a hint of confidence.

The mullet wig seems to induce a smile wherever it goes. The mullet style hairpiece can be worn as a costume wig for theater performances and masquerade parties as well. Used as a Halloween wig, the mullet ensemble has been known to win first pize for the “best costume” at many competitions. Mullet wigs have even earned titles, such as the Bingo (for women), The Nebraska Neck-warmer, The Trash Mullet, and The Landscaper. Mullet wigs are also available in quite a few colors.

The mullet wig isn’t always made from real hair; it can also be a synthetic wig, made from fibers that give off the appearance of having real locks of hair. Taking care of the synthetic mullet wig depends upon a few factors, such as amounts of perspiration, lifestyle, and environment as well. Like the human hair mullet wig, specially made products are designed for maintenance, and the wig should also be placed on a wig stand when not in use. When treated properly, a mullet wig can last for years to come.